Joss L. Riley is the science fiction, paranormal, and fantasy author of the upcoming books Living Hell: Eva Jacobs, A Vampire Hunter Six Novella, and LifeHackers. A fan of Mary Stewart, Octavia Butler, and George R. R. Martin, Joss writes stories that transport readers into the lives of her characters and the magnificent new worlds she creates.

Joss lives in Connecticut with her family.

Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash

Read Living Hell: Eva Jacobs!

The short story that introduces readers to Vampire Hunter Six.

It’s a mean world. And it’s only getting meaner.
Humans and Supernaturals live side-by-side, sharing power in a tenuous truce. Eva Jacobs is a ward of the state and a 17-year-old vampire with a secret that will upend the balance between vampires and humans. To some, she’s a weapon. To the vampire hunter charged to find her, she’s his salvation.
Who will survive living hell?

My debut novel, LifeHackers, is coming soon

Set in an alternate universe in London during the reign of the ‘cyber-terrorist’, LifeHackers is a pre-apocalyptic tale about a world trapped between a scary past and a terrifying future.

Snippet from LifeHackers

Cloaked in the long arm of privilege, Londoners flitted about tucked inside private coaches; their personal escorts outfitted with shock weapons holstered to their sides. That was London City now. Any other version lived in storybooks and the fading memories of the near dead. 

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